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Q - Are your earrings hypoallergenic? 

A -  While we cannot always guarantee that they are 100% nickel-free, we have tried our best to make sure every pair we have is hypoallergenic! I have sensitive ears as well and haven't had a reaction and I have tried out every single pair before selling so that I am comfortable selling them. 


Q - Are they heavy?

A - No! None of our earrings are heavy or pull at your earlobes, they are all comfortable to wear. 


Q - What is the best way to take care of my earrings?

A - We advise you not to wear your earrings in water, when using cleaning products, lotions or when spraying perfumes as these chemicals can sometimes cause tarnishing. We suggest using a cleaning cloth to polish the jewellery. We offer these on our Extras page . We also suggest that you clean them after each time when wearing them so that they stay clean and in mint condition for every wear. for more information, please see our Materials and Care page


Q - Is your packaging plastic or paper?

A - We use mostly paper so that it can be recycled and we use eco-friendly compostable shipping bags from Hero Packaging. While we are trying our best to be eco-friendly towards the environment, we still want our earrings to get to you without breaking so we do use non recyclable bubble wrap. We are trying our best to find an alternative so that it can also be recycled along with our other packaging. If you know of a way, we would be more than happy to hear about it!


Q - How much is shipping?

A - Our prices are as followed:
Domestic standard - $5.00
Domestic express - $10
International - $15
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We also offer FREE EXPRESS shipping for all orders inside Australia over $75 using the code JEWELSFREE

for more information, please find our shipping policy.


Q - How long will my order take?

A - Please see our Shipping Policy on the bottom of our website, it will cover any questions you may have.


Q - How do I know if my order has been shipped?

A - We will send you an email to let you know that we've sent it, along with when it is due to reach you.


Q - I lost the back! what do I do?

A - We sell them here! They are plastic backings, safe for people with allergies to use. Please let us know if you need some more and we will be more than happy to sort something out!


Q - How can I get a refund?

A - Please see our Refund Policy on the bottom of our website, it will cover any questions you may have. 


Q - Can I exchange an item?

A - If it hasn't been worn, yes of course! we will send you an online gift card or coupon code to use once we have received the return of your item. If it hasn't been sent out yet, we are more than happy to exchange it before sending it out if you email us in time!


Q - What if I can't find a pair that I'm looking for? 

A - We are a new business and we are trying our best to order in new designs but this will be a slow process at the start. Please email us at valajewels@gmail.com with what you are looking for so that we can try our best to cater to you! we are hoping to make custom pairs in the future so stay tuned!


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